Sunday, November 7, 2010

Endomondo Android Application

In previous posts here and here I documented how I use GPS enabled mobile phones to record my mountain bike rides. I have recently been evaluating Endomondo. Endomondo is an Android application which records your rides, runs, swims, and any other exercise.

The Endomondo service consists of a mobile application (Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbion) that makes use of the GPS functionality of the phone to track your workouts. This is paired with a web-based service that will store a history of your workouts along with allowing you to see your workouts overlayed on a Google Map.

Some of the key features of the Endomondo service which make it interesting to use are:

  1. Audio Coach: the Audio Coach uses the text to speech functionality on your Android phone to announce your current progress at each kilometer. It means you do not need to constantly check your progress on your phone.
  2. Live Tracking: if you have a mobile connection active on your phone, the application will constantly update the web service with your progress. This will allow interested people to follow your progress via your profile page. An interesting addition to this is the ability for someone to send a message to your device which will then be read out by your device.
  3. Routes: if you have a favourite ride/run this can be published as a route on the web service which means that anybody can ride/run this course and compare their times to yours. 

Overall, the application and web service work together very well. The workout history is reasonably comprehensive and the statistics collected can be used to see how many kilometers are ridden in a year.