Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fitness First Membership Cancellation

I recently decided that my Platinum Membership to Fitness first was not providing enough value to justify the almost $100/month membership fee.

After reading some real horror stories from people trying to cancel membership I did some research to see what the best way to do this is. What I found was a Fitness First Cancellation Letter Template from Choice Magazine.

This letter includes all the details required to satisfy the contract requirements.

I handed the letter into the gym and was contacted 4 days later stating that the last payment would be taken in 3 weeks time. The contract would be canceled at the end of the current month.

I was not required to have a meeting with a Customer Service Representative at the club however I was contacted via telephone to ask the reason for cancellation and ask if I would like to transfer the membership to somebody else.
After the three weeks had elapsed I checked the bank account and the final amount was taken. It is now half-way through the next month and there have been no further debits from my bank account.
I encourage anybody who wishes to terminate their Fitness First contract to use the letter template from the Choice website.

Edit: I have updated the link to the letter. Choice Magazine have changed their site structure since I wrote the post. If this disappears again a link to the article about gym contracts is here. Alternatively, you should be able to search the Choice web-site for Gym Contracts.


  1. Hi,

    just wondering. Did they send you any confirmation letters or anything of the sort?


  2. I don't remember them sending any official letter. The only contact I had was through the rep on the phone.

  3. hi is it possible to send that letter to me? Plan to terminate my membership with Fitness First too. And the link you gave is gone.

  4. Thanks Rachel. I have updated the post with the new URL to the letter.