Sunday, February 20, 2011

GPS Visualiser

One of the online tools I use regularly while working with GPX files and mapping is the GPS Visualizer website. The GPS Visualizer website is a collection of tools that work with GPX files to produce maps and profiles of GPS tracks.

The main functions I use on the website are:

1. Draw a Map

The Draw a Map page allows you to select a GPX file and display it overlayed on a variety of different map types including Google Streetmap, Google Satellite and Google Terrain. Once created the image can be captured as an image file.

2. Draw a Profile

The Draw a Profile page allows you to select a GPX file and display a elevation profile for this GPX file. The profile can be colorcoded to show elevation, speed, heart rate and other data points. Where a GPX file does not include elevation data the form gives the ability to add elevation data from a DEM dataset.

3. Lookup Elevations

The Lookup Elevation page allows you to recreate the elevation data for a GPX track using a DEM dataset. This is useful if the existing GPX file does not have elevation data or the data is incomplete. Rather than directly rendering a profile (as in point 2) the page gives you the option to save a new GPX file.

As well as these easy to use functions there are a multitude of ways to make use of the GPS Visualizer service. If you are using GPX files on a regular basis this service is a very handy addition to your tools.

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