Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nearmap Aerial Mapping

Nearmap is a Photomap and location-based media company that provides high resolution aerial photography of Australias major population centres. These photographs are updated on a regular basis and the historical imagery is available.

A majority of the imagery is at 7.5cm resolution. This means that each pixel in the image represents 7.5cm of the earth surface. This means these images show more detail than many other mapping services.

Sample Image from Nearmap
One of the more unique features of the Nearmap service is the fact that the imagery is updated on a regular basis. Many metropolitan areas are updated on a monthy basis and the other major population centres are updated quarterly. Once captured and processed these new images are available very quickly. As the older imagery is also available it is possible to view and compare images from one month to the next.

Nearmap also provide a Javascript API  to allow developers to embed maps into their own webpages. I have a simple example of this API here.

Overall, I find this service extremely useful. It is well worth signing up to.

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