Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Tracks for Android

In the past I have done some mapping of the various mountain bike tracks around the Central Coast. In a previous blog post I documented how I used my Nokia phone and a bluetooth GPS dongle to do mapping.

Now I have a HTC Desire this process has now become much easier to do and I only have to carry one device while I ride.

The key to using the HTC Desire for mapping is the My Tracks for Android application. This application was built by some Google engineers in their 20% time and the results have been open-sourced for the community to benefit.

The My Tracks application uses the GPS in your Android device to record your location as you walk, run or ride. The resulting information can then be exported to either Google Documents to record the details or Google Maps to visualise the route.

Here is an example of a map produced by the My Tracks application.

View 2GO Track in a larger map

An example of the data collected and archived in Google Docs is here
My experience so far with Google My Tracks has been very positive and I will continue to use it for both my riding and running.

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